Grey Iron5 Tonnes

So named because of the colouring of graphite flake present in the alloy. Graphite gives the iron its machinability, but also its weakness as cracks travel along the flakes of graphite frozen in solution.

Basic Alloys, predominantly Carbon in the form of graphite and silicon are used to refine the grain size of the graphite. Manganese and copper are included to strengthen and refine the iron. Chromium to harden and Nickel to strengthen.

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BS 1452:1990

BS 1452:1961
European Material Number
EN:1561 1997
Typical Applications
100 6.5 EN-JL-1010 Non load applications Weights, drain pipes, decorative, ornamental architectural
150 9.7 EN-JL-1020 Non load applications End covers, hand wheels
200 12.9 EN-JL-1030 Gear cases, gearboxes, machine parts, bases, flywheels wheels, rolls
250 16.2 EN-JL-1040 Moving parts.. Machine tool, gears, pulleys, housings impellors, valve bodies, valves, power transmission, general engineering
300 19.4 EN-JL-1050 Gears, moving and wearing parts, housings
350 22.6 EN-JL-1060 Load and wear parts Gears, planet carriers, machine tool
Imperial BS1452

Britain BS1452:1990 Austria M3191, Denmark DS 11 301,
Germany Din 1691, Holland NEN6002-A,
Switzerland VSM10691
S.F.S.H 11.52
Licensed trade name
BS EN 1651:1997
  400 GG40 FGG40 GRS40 Ft40D Class 60 GM 400 0140 EN-JL1060
Grade 23 350 GG35 FGG35 GRS35 Ft35D Class 55 GA 350 0135 EN-JL1060
Grade 21 300 GG30 FGG30 GRS30 Ft30D Class 50 or 45 GB 300 0130 EN-JL1050
Grade 17 250 GG25 FGG25 GRS25 Ft25D Class 35 GC 275 GD 250 0125 EN-JL1040
Grade 14 220         Class 30 GE 225    
  200 GG20 FGG20 GRS20 Ft20D Class 25 GE 200 0120 EN-JL1030
Grade 12 180                
Grade 10 150 GG15 FGG15 GRS15 Ft15D Class 20 GF 150 0115 EN-JL1020