Poems for Iron & Statues

All iron will do is simply rust
But don't think this is really unjust
For the skin will form and the years will pass
For 100's of years this iron will last
There sitting in the elements quite serene and stable
A material so strong and suitably able
To withstand attacks from rain and snow
And all else the cyclones wish to blow
Sitting, standing, looking, Iron is there to please
As passers by look, feel, touch and squeeze
It will not yield its solid shape to touch
But will merely polish if handled too much
To the artist there is plenty to savour
For design and strength is much in his favour
Delicate or sturdy the hot metal will shape
Muscles or smiles, fur or drape
To form a statue for all to admire
Kindled with knowledge from earth, wind and fire
A vandal with a hammer would make us cry
As eventually his smashing would make iron sigh
And snap and break where it is really thin
But God they say, would forgive his sin